Ansata Samiha

(Prince Fa Moniet x Ansata Samantha by Ansata Ibn Halima)
1992 Grey Straight Egyptian Mare
Dahmah Shahwaniya - Sabah/Bukra Family

Ansata Samiha pictured at 2 years old

Ansata Samiha, descending from one of the most highly revered and prepotent damlines in the world, is a perfect reflection of her illustrious heritage. In Authentic Arabian Bloodstock II, Judith Forbis describes Ansata Bint Bukra as having a "certain indefinable essence and quality" with "an exquisite and gentle soul". Ansata Samiha, a fourth generation descendant of this legendary mare, possesses these same attributes. As one of the last living daughters of the renowned Ansata Samantha, Ansata Samiha enchants all who behold her with her extraordinary beauty and regal, yet kind demeanor.

Dam of Ansata Bint Samiha owned by Ahmed Fathy El Telawy - Egypt, Ansata Marengo owned by Omar Sakr - Egypt, Ansata Sheikh Halim owned by Bait Al Arab Kuwait State Stud and Ansata Sinan Pasha.
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Ansata Samiha
Ansata Bint Bukra

Ansata Samantha - dam of Ansata Samiha (left) and Ansata Bint Halima

Pedigree for Ansata Samiha
Ansata Samiha Prince Fa Moniet TheEgyptianPrince *Morafic
*Bint Mona
Fa Moniet *Ibn Moniet El Nefous
Ansata Samantha *Ansata Ibn Halima++ Nazeer
Ansata Delilah Ansata Shah Zaman
*Ansata Bint Misr