Ansata Sinan Pasha

(Ansata Sinan x Ansata Samiha)
2009 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion
Dahman Shahwan - Sabah/Bukra Family

SCID Clear, LFS Clear, CA Tested Carrier

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Sired by multi-international and World Champion Stallion Ansata Sinan, out of the treasured beauty Ansata Samiha, daughter of the world renowned Anstata Samantha, Ansata Sinan Pasha is the embodiment of his classic pedigree. From his beautifully dished head, prominent expressive eyes, well-set, finely shaped ears, naturally arched neck, and distinctly proud carriage, the silken white Sinan Pasha exudes a stellar presence that inherently proclaims his royal heritage.

Ansata Sinan
Owned by Veruska Arabians
Ansata Samiha

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Pedigree for Ansata Sinan Pasha
Ansata Sinan Pasha Ansata Sinan Prince Fa Moniet TheEgyptianPrince
FA Moniet
Ansata Nefara Ansata Halim Shah
Ansata Sudarra
Ansata Samiha Prince FA Moniet TheEgyptian Prince
FA Moniet
Ansata Samantha *Ansata Ibn Halima++
Ansata Delilah