"Somewhere, somewhere...in time's own space
there must be some sweet pastured place.
Where creeks sing on...and tall trees grow,
some paradise where horses go.
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again."
~ Stanley Harrison

Belle Staar

(The Minstril x Alia-Aenor by The Egyptian Prince)
1990 -2009
Bay Straight Egyptian Mare

A mare of captivating beauty, femininity, and elegance, she was one of the most extraordinary mares of her time. A mare of distinction whose look is reflected in her desecendants around the world.

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Princess Shamira

(The Egyptian Prince x AK Shahgat by *AK Shahm)
Grey Straight Egyptian Mare

One of the most beautiful Egyptian Prince daughters.
Key ancestor to the consistent beauty found in the Queen Sheeba line.

Minstrils Gabriela

(The Minstril x Princess Shamira by The Egyptian Prince)
Grey Straight Egyptian Mare

Captured the attention of all that saw her. One of our most beloved mares.
Daughter of Princess Shamira and dam of Queen Sheeba, Izara Blue CA, Bint Gabriela CA, and Queen Latifah CA.

Bint Gabriela CA

(Ansata Hejazi x Minstrils Gabriela by The Minstril)
Grey Straight Egyptian Mare

One of the most beautiful and cherished mares bred by Chase Arabians. Classic type combined with extraordinary movement and carriage. Sadly she foundered at an early age and never produced a foal.

Farreesa CA

(Farres x Queen Sheeba by Thee Desperado)
2001 - 2008
Bay Straight Egyptian Mare

2006 Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Mare
A mare of exquisite feminine beauty.

Owned by Michael and Leslie Nord - Royal Shahara Arabians

Shaamisa Mystique

(Nabiel x Moon Mystique by El Hilal)
Grey Straight Egyptian Mare

Most noted for her powerful movement, she was graceful and beautiful, gentle and nurturing - possessing all the traits we desire in a broodmare. Her daughters include Imdals Jade, Bint Shaamisa CA, Maisamisa CA, in addition to the full brothers El Allah Abu and Entebbe CA, both deceased.

Entebbe CA

(Thee Desperado x Shaamisa Mystique by Nabiel)
Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

One of the several individuals produced from this successful cross. Extreme type and movement, his charismtic style awakened and excited those around him. Leased by Bessewacht Arabians for two years and spent the majority of his life with his owners the Miro Family - Isreal where he was greatly admired and loved.

2002 Egyptian Event Reserve Jr. Champion
2004 Israeli Reserve National Champion
2008 Egyptian Event Europe Most Beautiful Head - Male

SM-Malika Rose

(Ansata Raja Halim x Jalllila by *Jamilll)
Grey Straight Egyptian Mare

A mare of authentic Arabian type and movement often displaying the "floating trot."

SRA Faydra

(AK Shah Halim x SRA Alih Meahd by Ansata Abu Sudan)
Grey Straight Egyptian Mare

A flea- bitten grey mare of classic beauty and gentility. She arrived at Chase Arabians late in her life where she bestowed great joy.